My name is Stephanie Ambrosini. I live in Adelaide South Australia. I am a self taught artist and paint from home. After working in hospitality for over 30 years, I decided it was time to change my career to what I have always been passionate about… ART. I believe art has the power to brighten, not only peoples surroundings, but their spirits as well. Being self taught my style is still developing and progressing but if I had to describe my work, I would say it is pop art meets realism. The paintings are in acrylic paint on stretched canvas. They are statement pieces, simple, fun, bright and modern. The images are of strong, smart females in bold, energetic colours, with an edgy, playful, mischievous feel. In every painting, I aim to depict a sense of confidence and subtle sensuality, usually with a stare and my signature pouty RED LIPS.

My goal as an artist, is to enliven YOUR space with a unique piece of artwork . A painting you connect with, that reflects your own personal style, that you find uplifting, and will love for years to come.